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Services Include:


  • Field Compaction control for Asphalt, Soils and Aggregates

  • Quality Control - MTO Highway Contracts 

  • Asphalt Sampling

  • Asphalt and Concrete Coring

  • Drilling and Sampling

  • Footing Inspections

  • Field Testing of Plastic Concrete for Air, Slump, Temperature and Casting Specimens

  • Mortar and Grout testing

  • Pullout Testing

  • Bond Testing

  • Reinforcing Steel Inspections

  • Pavement Surface Condition Inspection and Monitoring

  • Site Preparation (stripping) Monitoring 

  • Proof-roll Inspections

  • Waterproofing Inspections, bridge decks

  • Non-destructive Bridge Inspections

  • Concrete Temperature Monitoring 

  • Clean Fill Monitoring

  • Joint and Crack Sealing Monitoring

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